even harmonic

even harmonic
четная гармоника

English-Russian dictionary of musical terminology. 2015.

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  • even harmonic — lyginė harmonika statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. even harmonic vok. geradzahlige harmonische, f rus. чётная гармоника, f pranc. harmonique pair, m …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • Harmonic series (music) — Harmonic series of a string. Pitched musical instruments are often based on an approximate harmonic oscillator such as a string or a column of air, which oscillates at numerous frequencies simultaneously. At these resonant frequencies, waves… …   Wikipedia

  • Harmonic divisor number — This article is about harmonic divisor numbers. For meanings of harmonic number, see harmonic number (disambiguation). In mathematics, a harmonic divisor number, or Ore number (named after Øystein Ore who defined it in 1948), is a positive… …   Wikipedia

  • Even and odd functions — In mathematics, even functions and odd functions are functions which satisfy particular symmetry relations, with respect to taking additive inverses. They are important in many areas of mathematical analysis, especially the theory of power series …   Wikipedia

  • Harmonic — This article is about the components of periodic signals. For other uses, see Harmonic (disambiguation). The nodes of a vibrating string are harmonics. A harmonic of a wave is a component frequency of the signal that is an integer multiple of the …   Wikipedia

  • Harmonic measure — In mathematics, harmonic measure is a concept that arises in the theory of harmonic functions, where it can be used to estimate the modulus of an analytic function inside a domain D given bounds on the modulus on the boundary of the domain. In a… …   Wikipedia

  • Harmonic rhythm — In music theory, harmonic rhythm, also known as harmonic tempo is the rate at which the chords change. According to Joseph Swain (2002 p.4) it is simply that perception of rhythm that depends on changes in aspects of harmony. According to Walter… …   Wikipedia

  • Harmonic Foldback — Hammond Orgel Klassifikation Elektrophon Tasteninstrument Tonumfang C1 fis5 Verwandte Instrumente Orgel Klangbeispiel …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Harmonic balancer — A harmonic balancer (also called crank pulley damper, crankshaft damper, torsional damper, or vibration damper) is a device connected to the crankshaft of an engine to reduce torsional vibration. Every time the cylinders fire, torque is imparted… …   Wikipedia

  • harmonic — A vibration whose frequency is an even multiple of another vibration or fundamental frequency. The first harmonic of a 200 Hz vibration has a frequency of 200 Hz. This is also its fundamental frequency. The second harmonic will have a frequency… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Quantum harmonic oscillator — The quantum harmonic oscillator is the quantum mechanical analogue of the classical harmonic oscillator. It is one of the most important model systems in quantum mechanics because an arbitrary potential can be approximated as a harmonic potential …   Wikipedia


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